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Mercury Dimes:

1919-P 10C MS63 PCGS:  A gorgeous piece with rainbow tones on both the obverse and reverse. The obverse is toned in dark blue, orange and purple with lustrous white finishing off the devices and fields. The reverse of the coin is just stunning with beautiful vibrant rainbow peripheries and blast white centers. $425  Cert.#4922.63/84378405

1942 10C PR67 PCGS:  This is an ultra rare coin in cameo. The obverse has a full cameo portrait and letterings. It is deeply mirrored and extremely clean. The coin has a beautiful original patina in midnight blue's and gold. PCGS has only 2 coins in this date, let alone in all grades, that have ever graded with a cameo designation.  I believe this coin will one day have that designation, it is that spectacular. $1550  Cert.#5077.67/84342863

Roosevelt Dimes:

   1951 10C PR68 NGC: This is a really nice satiny surfaced early proof Roosevelt Dime.  The face and columns are lightly cameo'd, there is no carbon spotting and no milk spots on this coin. The contrasts between the light cameo's and the higher devices give this coin a black and white contrasting appearance. Great coin in high grade.  NGC price guide lists this coin @ $275 in this grade.  Sale price $195  Cert.#3688682-027

   1960 10C PR69 NGC: This coin should be resubmitted for a cameo designation. It is all there. Deeply mirrored fields, full black and white contrasts. Watery surfaces.  This coin has it all.  Outstanding coin in high grade.  NGC price guide lists this coin @ $160 in this grade without the cameo designation.  Sale price $135  Cert.#3765491-013