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Morgan Dollars:  

     1881-S $1 MS65 NGC:  A very nice original piece with dark rainbow tones.  The surfaces are completely toned on both the obverse and reverse. Tones include black, green, blue, purple, orange and red's. A very nice original piece.  $285  Cert.#4521947-016




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US Coins

     1883-O $1 MS65 PCGS:  A fantastic vibrantly rainbow toned Morgan Dollar. This coin has original bag toning with the weave of the fabric plainly visible. The reverse has a white center with golden/red/blue peripheral tone.  $550  Cert.#7146.64/20477441

   1886-P $1 MS63* NGC:  Another fantastic vibrantly rainbow toned Morgan Dollar. This coin has paper wrapper toning on the obverse. You can see 2 wrapper folds across the cheek of Lady Liberty. The reverse is mostly white with light golden peripheral tone. $725  Cert.#3449474-003

   1887-P $1 MS62 NGC:  A pretty rainbow toned Morgan Dollar. This coin has vibrant rainbow toning on both the obverse and reverse. The toning covers half of the front and half of the back of the coin in vibrant blue's, red's, purple's and olive's. (The slab is scratched, mentioned for accuracy)  $475  Cert.#2248052-023

   1899-O $1 MS63* NGC:  A simply stunning toner with vibrant rainbow tones in red's, burgandy's, olive green's, gold's, blue's and purple's. This coin was in an original bag where another coin sat atop this one to give it's oval apprearance.  $875  Cert.#704451-008

   1904-O $1 MS64 PCGS: A very nice original piece with peculiar tones in pink, blue, yellow and rose. (The black area's in the pics are actually midnight blue in color) This coin is particullarly clean for an MS64. Housed in an old Green Label PCGS Holder. $235  Cert.#7292.64/1383950

Peace Dollars:

1922 $1 MS62 PCGS: CAC   This is a very pretty reverse toner. The reverse is evenly toned in lustrous pink, light green, gold and red tones. The obverse is blast white. The coin is very nice with the CAC seal of approval.  $395  Cert.#7357.62/03431419

1924 $1 MS64 NGC:   This is a very pretty rainbow toned Peace Dollar. The reverse has bright luster with overlying rainbow tones while the obverse has darker original tones.  $545  Cert.#314571-015

1924-S $1 AU50 PCGS:   This is a 100% original toned Peace Dollar. The obverse has light to medium golden tones with almost complete underlying luster. The reverse is rainbow toned in pink, light blue and rose surfaces lying atop lustrous fields and devices.  $195  Cert.#7364.50/82659996

1934-D $1 MS62 PCGS:   This is a 100% original better date rainbow toned Peace Dollar. The obverse is subdued in purple's, burgandy's, red's and orange tones with lustrous underying fields and devices. The reverse mostly lustrous white with spots of golden tones amongst the fields and devices.   $350  Cert.#7376.62/82659997

1923 $1 MS62 PCGS:   The obverse on this coin is blast white. The reverse rainbow tone emcompasses about the left 1/3 of the coin in a crescent tone of golden/red/blue hues   $165  Cert.#7360.62/13338973

1923 $1 MS62 PCGS:   The obverse on this coin has a beautiful red, green, purple, orange and golden blend of vibrant rainbows onf the right side. The reverse has a peripheral crescent of similar tones on the right side. A very vibrant pretty coin!   $195  Cert.#7360.63/27555408