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Morgan Dollars:
1881-S $MS63 PCGS. WOW!!! A vibrantly rainbow toned reverse, mounted reverse front.  This coin has the WOW factor.  $390   PCGS Cert. #7130.63/24931581
1881-S $MS65 NGC. A darkly toned gem Morgan Dollar. Toned on both the obverse and reverse with multi colored tones on each side. 100% Original!  $245   NGC Cert. #4521947-016
1883-O $MS64 PCGS. A stunning vibrantly rainbow  toned Morgan Dollar  with multi tones ranging from Vibrant Green to Blue, to Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow and Gold.  This is a coin that stands out. It is Beautiful.  $395 PCGS Cert. #7146.64/20477441
1886-P $MS63* NGC. A vibrantly rainbow toned Morgan Dollar.  The entire obverse encompasses stunning rainbow tones. The reverse is blast white with the exception of a lightly golden tone circling the denticles around the entire reverse. This is an really pretty coin!    $725   NGC Cert. #3449474-003
1887-P $MS62 NGC. A vibrantly rainbow toned Morgan Dollar.  Half of the obverse and half of the reverse are beautifully toned in darker hues. A lower grade with pretty tones.    $475   NGC Cert. #2248052-023
1899-O $MS63* NGC. A vibrantly rainbow toned Morgan Dollar with the "WOW" factor. This coin is mounted reverse front for a stunning reason. The vibrancy, the bag tone that resulted in another coin lying atop this coin in an original bag, and the beautiful eye appeal, set this coin apart. Simply magnificent!   $825   NGC Cert. #704451-008
1899-O $MS64 PCGS. WOW!!! This is a bulls-eye toned marvel. The radiant red/orange/green in the peripheries of this coin are absolutely "AWESOME".  This coin could be a headlight in a dark area. I really like this coin. It has a combination of colors and tones that I have never seen in combination before. A great piece that needs to be seen to be believed. $395  PCGS Cert. #7260.64/32849175
1904-O $MS64 PCGS. A 100% Originally toned Morgan Dollar. House in a PCGS "Old Green Holder". This coin has tones in blue (the areas that appear black in the pics) Pink, blue and gray. A nice coin price accordingly.    $190   PCGS Cert. #7292.64/1383950
1904-O $1 MS64 PCGS.  CAC An overall rainbow toned coin with subdued hues in golden/orange, red, and by the date greens are beginning to appear in the lower peripheries through the lower stars. The reverse is toned in blue/gray, orange and white luster.  $295   PCGS Cert. #7292.64/20841321
Peace Dollars:
1922-P Peace $1 MS62 PCGS. CAC This is a very pretty rainbow toned common date Peace Dollar.  The reverse is evenly toned in lustrous Pink, light green, gold and red tones. The pics are very true to the rainbow tones. The obvers is blast white.   $375  PCGS Cert.# 7357.62/3431419
1924-S Peace $1 AU50 PCGS.  This is a 100% original rainbow toned better date Peace Dollar. The obverse of the coin has much of it's remaining luster with light to medium golden tones. (not necessarily pretty obverse tone). The reverse is beautiful, Lustrous underlying surfaces with pink, light blue, purple and rose surfaces lying atop the lustrous surfaces. (The rev. surfaces are very lustrous, not seen in the pics, it does jump out at you) It is so difficult to find originally toned Peace Dollars, let alone a better date. Very pretty and priced accordingly.  $275  PCGS Cert.# 7364.50/82659996
1934-D Peace $1 MS62 PCGS. This is a 100% original rainbow toned better date Peace Dollar. The obverse is subdue in purple's, burgandy's orange and red tones lying atop the original silver surfaces. The reverse is lustrous and lightly toned. A subdued better date toned Peace Dollar.  $350  PCGS Cert.# 7376.62/82659997
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